Tragic death of Dugin’s daughter

Russia’s so-called National Republican Army (NRA), which describes itself as an anti-Putin resistance group, has mocked Russian security services’ claims that a Ukrainian woman was behind the assassination of Darya Dugina.

Shortly after Dugina was killed in a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow, former Russian State Deputy Ilya Ponomarev claimed that the NRA organized the assassination. Ponomarev also alleged that she and her father, Alexander Dugin, an influential ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, were both targets of the attack.

Ukraine has denied any involvement in Dugina’s death.

The daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian ideologue who is one of the most prominent supporters of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, died in a car bombing outside Moscow on Saturday night. Russian investigators said Daria Dugina, a nationalist journalist and political analyst, died after the Toyota Land Cruiser; she was driving exploded outside Odintsovo, a suburb about 20km west of Moscow.

Investigators added that the bomb was placed under the car on the driver’s side and killed Dugina on the spot, indicating “the crime was planned in advance on [someone’s] orders”.The attack came after Ukraine appeared to mount a series of increasingly daring attacks in Russia-seized territory and hundreds of miles behind the front line in mainland Russia itself in recent weeks. The car belonged to her father, Alexander Dugin, whom she had accompanied while he lectured at a festival outside the capital earlier on Saturday. The far-right philosopher had planned to travel with her after the lecture but decided to change cars, Andrei Krasnov, a friend of Dugina, told state newswire Tass.

Mykhailo Podolyak, a senior adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, denied Kyiv was involved in the attack. “Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with this because we are not a criminal state like Russia, or a terrorist one at that,” Podolyak told Ukrainian television. Dugin’s friends and prominent war supporters called for Russia retaliating against Kyiv.

She took his car, and he was at the site of the tragedy. As far as I understood, Alexander and probably they together were the target. 112, a news channel on the social media app Telegram, posted a video of Dugin standing on a road strewn with flaming debris, pictures at the very top of this article, holding his head in his hands.

Dugina, 29, is the first high-profile supporter of Putin’s invasion to be killed in the environs of Moscow, where life has largely gone on as normal despite western sanctions aimed at sapping the Kremlin’s war effort. “Daria’s despicable murder is a sign of the enemy’s cowardice and powerlessness. His death throes. He can’t fight honorably, so he kills the best of us,” said Konstantin Malofeyev, a tycoon who bankrolls a nationalist news channel where both Duggins previously worked. “The enemy will answer for this very soon.”

The elder Dugin founded the Eurasia movement, which advocates for revanchist Russian imperialism to help Moscow assert greater control over its European and Asian hinterlands. A former dissident philosopher in the Soviet era, Dugin’s writings found an audience among some hardline senior members of the security services, then appeared to inspire Putin’s decision to annex Crimea and start a slow-burning war in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region in 2014. Dugina, who worked alongside her father in the Eurasia movement, was sanctioned herself in March by the US and UK over her work running a Russian propaganda website. The UK described her as a “frequent and high-profile contributor of disinformation” about the invasion.

Confessed National Republican Army behind car explosion

Today 21 August, the National Republican Army posted the following Manifesto:

Also, today, ex-State Duma lawmaker Ilya Ponomarev announced that the above-mentioned Russian partisan group was responsible for the car explosion:

lya Ponomarev was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation until June 10, 2016, although in June 2014, he left Russia for the United States. He received a residence permit in Ukraine on June 24, 2016. In May 2019, then-President Petro Poroshenko granted Ponomarev Ukrainian citizenship. Ponomarev was the only Russian MP who voted against the “annexation” of Crimea to the Russian Federation in March 2014. During his testimony in the Obolensky court in Kyiv, which was considering the treason case against ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, Ponomarev said that Putin personally made the decision to annex Crimea on the night of February 23 and that the plan to seize part of Ukraine came from Putin emotionally.

Ilya Ponomarev is the co-author of: “Does Putin Have to Die: The Story of How Russia Becomes a Democracy After Losing to Ukraine.” He suggests (although it is difficult to imagine) that it will end with the physical death of Vladimir Putin, the destruction of the Russian Federation, and the creation of a new republic…

The RNA appears to be a network with cells unaware of each other’s existence, which helps it avoid FSB (Russian intelligence) surveillance. Hence it would appear logical that the Kremlin will do its best not to acknowledge the NRA because it would mean there’s a legitimate grassroots organization that the Kremlin cannot control.

The Washington Post also substantiates the WSWS’s explanation that the selection of the daughter of fascist Alexander Dugin as the target was intended to increase rightwing pressure on Putin to escalate the war, thereby providing NATO with a pretext it needs for direct military intervention.

The Post writes that the assassination “also raised the prospect of a serious escalation in the war as Putin comes under increased pressure, including Dugina’s grieving father, to hit Ukraine hard.”

The US is, in effect, seeking to strengthen the political influence of Russia’s extreme right-wing and fascistic nationalist elements. This was a central aim of the assassination, which was intended to build public sympathy for the reactionary forces around Dugin.

The US-NATO are determined to escalate the war and, as soon as possible, introduce their forces into battle. Increasing the influence of the Russian extreme right and undermining Putin’s efforts to limit the war facilitates plans for open war against Russia.

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