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The World is ever changing, global perspective and insights is powerful, timely, relevant, topical and responsive to global geopolitical and economic influences, Articles about the world offers insight and direction on key issues, with perspectives that resonate globally. The International Research website has numerous articles categorized into various issues around the world. Some articles can of course be in more than one issue as many are inter-related.

The Question Of Chinese Military Support For Russia

Although Putin and Xi probably do not agree on how the war in Ukraine should end, they agree that an apparent Russian defeat would be intolerable. It should be stated repeatedly that the war in Ukraine is existential for Europeans, and impeding Chinese intervention is a fundamental European interest. By wading into the conflict, China would lose Europe. The Question Of Chinese Military Support For Russia.

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Make The Center Vital Again.

When foreign policies have fallen into disfavor, and the domestic coalitions associated with them have splintered, leaders could find new arguments about the necessity of international openness and cooperation. Western democracies cannot return to the postwar liberal order. They can, however, search for new ways of securing the benefits that the former order brought. Make The Center Vital Again

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The Consequences Of China’s Demographic Decline

China’s rapidly aging population and increasingly rigid, autocratic political system will severely hobble the country as it stumbles toward the middle of the twenty-first century. The Consequences Of China’s Demographic Decline.

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India Won’t Side With Washington Against Beijing

The US should undoubtedly help India to a degree compatible with American interests. But it should harbor no illusions that its support, no matter how generous, will entice India to join it in any military coalition against China. The relationship with India is fundamentally unlike those the United States enjoys with its allies. India Won’t Side With Washington Against Beijing

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Ukrainian Forces In Germany

Experts say that donated MiG jets will not give Ukraine air superiority against Russia: The Ukrainians who have flown the MiG-29 describe the aircraft as an “old friend.” The jets don’t have the flashiness of newer fighters, but they play a critical role in Ukraine’s underdog air force. The MiG-29s may not be enough for Ukraine’s coming spring offensive. They are outmatched by Russian warplanes, equipped with newer radar and missile systems. Ukraine Today.

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How To Spy On China

Open-source researchers have provided insights into sensitive Chinese activities, such as CCP espionage and political interference abroad. If the intelligence community can obtain more open-source intel and embrace AI-enabled tools to examine the data, its analysts can learn and share even more. If the community can recruit China experts, it will better anticipate Beijing’s actions and focus analysts’ activities and resources. Beijing’s decision-making may remain opaque, but Washington will still be able to understand China’s behavior. How To Spy On China.

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Bad Advice Plaguing Beijing

Bad Advice Plaguing Beijing Pressure on Chinese President Xi to put all the pieces together. And this imperative might help explain the balloon blunder: Xi may have approved a general policy for balloon reconnaissance, perhaps years ago, with limited debate about how such a policy could backfire in the future. The possibility of such miscalculations in the coming years should cause concern for U.S. policymakers. The Chinese military may tell Xi it is ready for war, and a catastrophe could ensue if the rest of the bureaucracy is institutionally prevented from checking the military’s math. The Bad Advice Plaguing President Xi.

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Why NATO Must Admit Ukraine

The best way to ensure Euro-Atlantic security is to welcome Ukraine into NATO. Politicians, diplomats, and analysts can always be counted on to develop new arguments for keeping Ukraine outside the alliance, as they have been doing for years. The good news is that each new idea is weaker than the last. The bad news is that constantly disproving them wastes precious time at the expense of people’s security. Ukraine needs NATO, and NATO needs Ukraine. Why NATO Must Admit Ukraine.

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Why A Partial Victory Will Solve Little

While one can identify reasons Russia and Ukraine may have mutual optimism about war and pessimism about peace, a resolve supporting Ukraine will also help deter aggression in other parts of the world. History has its moments, and this is one of them. A Partial Victory Will Solve Little.

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